Simplified Completion Reasons

RequestWhen the work on a request has been completed, its status is set to ‘Completed’.  The support specialist is then asked to select an option in the Completion reason field. The value that is selected is used primarily by the Problem Management process, which allows support organizations to systematically reduce the number times their users need to ask for help.

The Problem Management process also works perfectly for organizations that are using 4me to provide support for their human resources and facilities management services (i.e. beyond the IT department). The description of three of the completion reasons, however, were perceived to be a little too technical. That’s why these three descriptions have been adjusted.

The old completion reasons were:

  • Solved – Root Cause Analysis Not Required
  • Workaround – Root Cause Not Removed
  • Gone – Unable to Reproduce

The new ones are:

  • Solved – Review Not Required
  • Workaround – Review Required
  • Gone – Issue Can No Longer Be Found

Selection of people who need to be covered by an SLA.The complete list of completion reasons should now be intuitive for everyone.

Because only the descriptions have changed (i.e. the part after the hyphen), this should not affect any of your organization’s 4me integrations, exports or imports.