Simplified Self Service Guidance

SelectIn 4me it is possible for someone to have SLA coverage for more than one instance of the same service.  For example, a manager of a multinational organization may be covered for several payroll environments.  Each environment will have a setup that is specific for one of the countries in which the organization employs people.  When this manager starts to submit a new request in 4me Self Service and selects the ‘Payroll’ service, the manager is asked to choose one of the payroll instances.

4me used to guide the requester by asking:

  • Which of the following service instances is most relevant for your request?

But because most end users are not familiar with the term ‘service instance’, this question has now been simplified to:

  • Which of the following is most relevant for your request?

Service instance selection in 4me Self Service

This should make 4me Self Service sound a little less technical to end users who are covered for multiple instances of the same service.