Skip Recurrences Based on Calendar


Recurring processes in 4me can be set up quite flexibly.  Repeats can be set to daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly and depending on that cycle the recurrence may be defined for one or multiple months, days of the month, or days of the week.  But even though this flexibility allows a workflow or export to repeat at any interval, it was not yet possible to define when it is not supposed to repeat.  This has now changed.  The Calendar field has been added to the ‘Recurrence’ sections of workflow templates and other records.  When a calendar is selected, the recurrences will only happen during calendar hours.

Recurrence calendar

This makes it possible to have recurring workflows skip holidays, for example.  For this, holidays on which a task should not be executed must first be defined in the ‘Holidays’ section of the Settings console.  Then, those holidays must be related to the relevant calendar(s), also in the Settings console.

Recurring workflow warning