SLA Availability Calculation for Current Month

SLAWhen an outage occurred in the beginning of a month, the actual availability value that would be presented in the SLA reports that can be found in the ‘SLA Reports’ section of the Analytics console would be excessively low. That was because the actual availability was calculated using the elapsed number of service hours since the start of the month, rather than the total number of service hours in the month.

Violation of actual availability in SLA report

If no more outages occurred, the actual availability would increase as more time elapsed. Only at the very end of the month would the actual availability stop increasing.

This has now changed to make it easier to see what the actual availability will be at the end of the current month if no more outages occur.

So the actual availability percentage for the current month is now calculated as follows in the SLA reports:

Total number of service hours in the month minus the outage duration in service hours, divided by the total number of service hours in the month