SLA Coverage for Skill Pools

Skill PoolNow that skill pools can be defined, it has also become possible to provide the members of a skill pool SLA coverage.  To explain why this is useful, let’s take an example where a company has a number of safety officers at each site.  These people have all received first aid training and use the company’s Safety First app to report any near misses and actual accidents.  The Safety First app is supported by the company’s Application Development team.

In the past, if an SLA for the Safety First service would be defined, each safety officer would need to be selected in the Coverage section of the SLA.  This was necessary because the safety officers are spread out over different departments and sites.  The coverage options for organizations and sites should therefore be avoided.  If they would be used, way too many people would see the Safety First service in 4me Self Service when they would start to submit a request.  So the service level manager would be required to update the SLA each time a new person would become a safety officer.

Now the support organization can register a skill pool for the safety officers and appoint a skill pool manager who maintains the members of this pool.

Skill pool in Edit mode

All the service level manager needs to do is link the skill pool to the SLA for the Safety First service to ensure that all the safety officers, and no one else, will see the Safety First service in 4me when they start to submit a new request.

SLA linked to a skill pool