SLA Overview Added to Customer Reports


The ‘Customer Reports‘ section of the Analytics console offers service provider organizations a powerful real-time overview of how well they are performing for each of their customers.

4me screenshot customer reports

The bottom section of each monthly customer report shows how well the provider is doing for each of the services that the customer obtains from the provider.  This already offers a lot of useful information, but now it is also possible to break this information down by service level agreement (SLA).

When the new option ‘Service level agreements’ above this bottom section is selected, the customer’s SLAs are listed along with the actual level of service provided during the selected month.

Customer report by SLA

A red dot is presented in the overview for each SLA that has been breached, as well as for each individual SLA target that has been violated.  This should make it easy to find the SLAs that may need some extra attention.

Clicking on the number of requests in the right-most column opens a complete list of all the requests that were included in the calculation of the actual service levels.  Those are the requests that affected the SLA during the month selected in the customer report.

Being able to see this breakdown by SLA for a specific customer is especially useful for service level managers when they need to review the provider organization’s performance with a customer.