SMTX Strengthens the 4me Partner Network


NetherlandsThis week it is our pleasure to announce that SMTX has joined the 4me Partner Network. SMTX offers a number of advanced service catalog and request fulfillment products for large organizations with service management needs that cannot easily be met by traditional enterprise-class ITSM tools.

Now that 4me has repeatedly demonstrated that it can meet most of these requirements without customization, SMTX has decided to add 4me to its solutions portfolio. With 4me, their customers can benefit from a single corporate self service portal that their employees can use to securely obtain support from IT, HR, Purchasing, Legal, etc. The employees can be served in multiple languages and their requests can trigger complex workflows that allow multiple internal and external support providers to work together seamlessly.

The extensive experience that SMTX’s consultants have gained over the years implementing for organizations that demand more from their service management solutions makes them a perfect fit for the 4me partner community. From its offices in the Netherlands and Belgium, SMTX serves enterprises and government agencies in the Benelux and Germany.