Sort Configuration Items by Financial Owner


The basic ‘All Configuration Items’ view shows the label, name, support team, status, and site of each configuration item (CI) that is registered in an account or its child accounts.  The data in this view can be sorted on any of these columns.  It can even be sorted on several of these columns.  On these columns, except for the ‘Status’ column, the data can also be filtered using the search filter.

With the ‘Customize Columns’ functionality, it is possible to add more columns to a view.  Until now, it was not possible to use the search box to filter data based on columns added to the configuration item views.  This has now been changed for three columns, the green background indicating what has changed for these columns:

ColumnFilterable (search)Sortable
Financial ownerYesYes

Financial managers of organizations that use their cost centers as financial owners, for example, can now enter the first digits of a cost center in the search box to immediately filter only the relevant configuration items, or sort CIs on these cost centers.

Financial owner location CI