Sort Views on Multiple Columns


The order in which items in the views of the 4me Specialist Interface are displayed can now be completely adapted to the wishes of the user.  Views may now be sorted on multiple columns, each individually either ascending or descending.  After selecting a column to sort the data (either ascending or descending), a second column may be selected and optionally inverted while pressing and holding the shift button.  This way, up to 5 columns may be selected to decide the ordering of the records.

Grid view ordered multiple columns

The same can be achieved when creating a personal view.  Within any view, select the ellipsis menu (3 dots) just to the right of the Filter button and select ‘Save as personal view…’.  The example below shows how a personal inbox can be created that orders the inbox items on three columns.  The first ordering is on Impact (highest impact first).  When more records of the same impact exist, the one with the closest next target is displayed first.  If there are multiple requests with the same impact and the same next target, the oldest record (that has the lowest ID) is displayed first.

Personal view order multiple columns