Source of a Note

NoteThe ‘Copy note to change‘ option was introduced a few years ago. It is a helpful feature for specialists to inform the manager of a change about the information they are entering in the Note field of a task. But when a change manager reviewed the Notes section of a change, it was not always obvious where each of the notes came from.
To clarify this, the source of a note is now visible in the change whenever a note was copied from one of the change’s tasks.
Source of a note in a change
A similar declaration of the source is also displayed in grouped requests after a note was copied from the request group.
Source of a note in a grouped request
This has also affected how notes that were added by an automation rule are presented. A distinction is made between new notes that are created by an automation rule, versus notes that an automation rule copied from another record.
When a note was created by an automation rule, the large automation icon is displayed with the text ‘Automation’ in the note’s header. But when an automation rule copied a note from another record, the creator of the original note is shown and a small automation icon is added.
Notes added by automation rules