Specialists Can Submit Requests for Someone Else

RequestWhen the Service Desk Analyst role was given the ability to update a request’s requester (see Update the Requester of a Request), the Specialist role also got an extra capability. Specialists were already able to use the 4me App and 4me Self Service to submit a new request on behalf of someone else, but they were not able to do this in the Service Desk console.

To align this better, specialists can now select someone else in the Requested for field when they are registering a new request in 4me’s Service Desk console.

New request being registered by a specialist for someone else

Specialists still cannot select another person in the Requested by field to discourage them from acting as service desk analysts. Or rather, to ensure that they are still encouraged to refer end users to 4me Self Service or the service desk when they contact a specialist directly to submit a new request.

If a specialist does need to be able to act as a service desk analyst, he/she can be given the Service Desk Analyst role by someone who has the Account Administrator role.