Start Filtering Right Away

ImageThe view that opens on the left side of the screen when you access 4me’s Inbox or Records console can now be filtered more quickly. That is because, by default, the cursor is already placed in the Search box as soon as the view has loaded.


The cursor is also placed in the Search box when you go to the Analytics console or the Settings console. In these consoles you can use the Search box to filter the sections that are presented on the left side of these consoles. Over time, more and more sections have become available, so being able to quickly filter these sections will help you find the section you are looking for more easily. After you have opened a section that contains a view, the Search box can be used to filter the list of items in the view.

Note that one exception has been made for the Service Desk console. There, the cursor is still placed in the User field by default to ensure that service desk analysts can look up a person immediately after they have opened the Service Desk console.