Start of Weekly Reporting Interval Set in Account

Vertical bar chart

When a new 4me account is configured, one of the options the account owner can set is the weekday on which each week starts.  This is typically Sunday or Monday.

Start of week in 4me account settings

What is new is that the day on which a week starts for a 4me account is now taken into consideration when a report’s interval is set to ‘Weekly’.  The start of each weekly data segment is now the weekday selected in the ‘Account Settings’ section of the Settings console.

Reporting interval set to Weekly

When the date range specified for a report does not start on a weekday that is the start of the 4me account’s week, the report’s first weekly data segment starts at the beginning of the week that includes the start of the report’s date range.  This data segment will, however, only contain data that falls within the date range specified for the report.