Status of Tasks Displayed in Gantt Charts

Gantt ChartThe Gantt charts of changes and projects that are managed in 4me offer a helpful graphical overview of the tasks, the order in which they should be completed, as well as their timing.  To provide an even more complete overview, 4me now also presents the current status of each task in the Gantt chart.

Gantt chart with task status displayed

This small usability feature is especially helpful when a change manager receives a notification that the progress of a change has stopped.  In such cases, the change can be opened from the notification and the task that caused the status of the change to be updated to ‘Progress Halted’ can be easily identified by its yellow and red status label.

To avoid overcrowding the Gantt chart unnecessarily, the status values ‘Registered’, ‘Approved’ and ‘Completed’ are not displayed.  The blue color of a task already signifies that it has the status ‘Registered’.  And when a task is gray and its status is not displayed in the Gantt chart, this means that it was completed successfully (i.e. that the status is ‘Approved’ for an approval task, or ‘Completed’ for other types of tasks).