String Manipulation Operators for Automation Rules

AutomationA whole new set of operators have become available that makes it possible to create Automation Rules that manipulate strings of characters.

The new operators are:

  • size, length — returns the number of characters in string
  • strip — removes leading and trailing white spaces
  • squeeze — removes double spaces
  • reverse — flips the characters around
  • upcase — forces all characters to uppercase
  • downcase — forces all characters to lowercase
  • swapcase — switches lower case to capitals and vice versa
  • empty?, blank? — true when string is empty or only contains white spaces
  • present? — true if string contains characters other than white spaces
  • split() — splits the string into an array of strings on the separator. Separator can be a quoted string, such as ‘ ‘ or a regular expression such as /[,|]/.
  • slice(, ) — takes a part of the string, start-index is mandatory, if length is omitted all characters from the start till the end of the string are returned
  • replace(, ) — replaces a string or regular expression with a quoted string

Examples of how these new operators can be used in expressions can be found in the online help for Automation Rule Operators under the header ‘String Manipulation’.

Administrator who have already been making use of 4me’s support for SCIM will probably find these new operators very helpful.