Submit Requests for External People from Child Organizations

OrganizationIn 4me Self Service, employees can submit requests on behalf of a colleague.  Quite a few managed service providers (MSPs) are using 4me’s Self Service capabilities to allow their external customers, which do not yet have their own 4me account, to submit requests.  The employees of these external customers can also submit requests for someone else.  However, to ensure that they cannot select people who work for another customer of the MSP, they were only allowed to select people who are linked to the same organization record.
Submit request on behalf of someone else
For larger external organizations, however, MSPs may have registered a multi-layered organizational structure.  4me Self Service now makes use of this organizational structure of external organizations.  This allows the employees of these external organizations to register requests on behalf of anyone who belongs to the same organization, or any organization that is hierarchically lower in the organizational hierarchy.