Support for OpenID Connect

SSO AccessThe single sign-on (SSO) integration capabilities of the 4me service have been extended to also support the OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol.  4me already supported the popular SAML specification to make it easy for organizations to give their people single sign-on access to 4me using one or multiple identity providers such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Okta, OneLogin or Google Cloud Identity.

OpenID Connect is a relatively new authentication layer on top of OAuth 2.0.  Google Identity Platform and Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C already support it.  This means that organizations can now use these services to give their employees, as well as any supported individual who may not be employed by their organization, access to 4me so that they can securely submit requests, approve changes, collaborate on projects, etc.

OpenID Connect single sign on sso configuration in 4me