Support ID Visibility

ContractThe Support ID field is available in each person record. This field is used by support organizations to enter a number or code that service desk analysts can ask for when someone contacts the service desk. It essentially provides the answer to a simple challenge question. If the end user is able to provide this ID, it is likely that this person is who he/she claims to be.

Person preview with Support IDIn many enterprises this field is populated with the user’s network login ID. Managed service providers often use this field to enter the customer number of the external organization to which each supported person belongs.
What has become apparent, however, is that this field’s value is not only used by the service desk analysts. The other support specialists also need this value to help them solve people’s requests. That is why the Support ID field is no longer visible to just the service desk analysts. Specialists are now also able to see this field when they preview or open a person record.
In addition, end users can now see their own support ID when they open the ‘My Profile’ section in Self Service. It is important that everyone has this access. That’s because the Support ID field is likely to contain personally identifiable information (PII). To help 4me customers ensure GDPR compliance, everyone is now able to see the PII that is registered for them in 4me.
Support ID visibility in Self Service