The Support URL Field Has Moved

LinkThe Support URL field used to be included in the ‘Custom Links‘ section of the Settings console. There it was mostly overlooked, despite the fact that it can be quite useful. This field makes it possible for support organizations to provide another means of contacting them when someone is not able to access 4me to submit a request (e.g. when he/she is struggling to set a 4me password).

To make sure that a suitable value is entered in this field shortly after the creation of a new 4me account, this field has been moved to the ‘Account Settings’ section.

The Support URL field in the Account Settings section of the Settings console

The Support URL field also got a more informative hint text. This should make it clear to account owners that they can enter a website URL, email address or telephone number in the Support URL field.

The easiest way to test whether the value that was entered in the Support URL field is presented correctly is to go to {{account_id}} After you submit your email address there, you will see a page that contains the support URL. By default, the value in the Support URL field is also included in the following email templates:

  • Get Access
  • Email Verification
  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication
  • Enabled Two-Factor Authentication
  • Disabled Two-Factor Authentication
  • Two-Factor Authentication Recovery Code Used