Team Member Spotlight: What Does ITSM Have in Common with Ultramarathons, Chocolate Milk and Taylor Swift?

It’s time for the next 4me Employee Spotlight, our ongoing series introducing members of the 4me team! We’re delighted and grateful to have so many wonderful people here at 4me; as with everything in ITSM, the human element is the most important, and we’re always excited to be a part of that, with our team and with our partners and customers.

In this installment, we’ll be getting to know Sian Seccombe, 4me’s expert Finance Manager. Sian started out at 4me as a Revenue Operations Analyst and has been involved from the start with enhancing 4me’s revenue processes, systems, protocols, and more. She’s a pivotal part of the team, especially as we continue to grow.

Employee Spotlight: Sian Seccombe

Before 4me, Sian worked in auditing at a large London firm. She enjoyed the work, but was looking for a new challenge at a more dynamic company that was experiencing rapid change and growth, and which had a clear passion for innovation. She found that in 4me, and has been here ever since!

Sian tells us that one of her favorite aspects of 4me is the company’s constant drive to lead the ITSM industry into the future and provide maximum value to clients. She uses the 4me platform extensively in her day-to-day work, and she’s loved watching the platform evolve over time; she’s especially pleased to see customers discover 4me and leverage all of its powerful capabilities.

Sian is currently based in London, and she’s been there since she graduated from college. Immersing herself in the city’s parks and vibrant culture is a big part of her life.

Being around parks is a big benefit, too, because Sian is an avid runner. More than just a runner, really – she’s an ultramarathoner! Sian has been running her whole life and is a true veteran in the long-distance scene. Her most recent ultramarathon was 75 kilometers (yes, you read that right), covered 3500 meters of elevation changes, and took 11.5 hours to complete. Sian recalls: “It was all trail running, and there was thunder, rain, and snow – in July. Some of the photos are hilarious – it was so wet and horrible. But my team won, which made it all worth it.”

“Ultramarathons aren’t really traditional races, you don’t follow people, but instead kind of go off and complete a complex course on your own. You have to eat and hydrate the whole time.”

Sian ran her first conventional marathon in London, which remains her favorite marathon course – it’s full of great memories, beautiful scenery, and exciting energy.

As for Sian’s pre- and post-race routines, she’s got a few: “I always paint my nails to match my trainers. Last race, I had fluorescent trainers, so I had to get fluorescent yellow nails. The rest of the time, when I wasn’t running, I felt like I had these strange Halloween nails!” To recover after races, Sian says, she’s big on chocolate milk.

As any runner probably knows, it’s important to find a good rhythm and get in the zone. On long training runs, Sian likes to simply lose herself in what she calls the “dream” state of the run – but she also listens to podcasts, audiobook, or Taylor Swift. “Sometimes I just sing Taylor Swift to myself,” she laughs. “Getaway Car is a really good running song. It’s not my favorite Taylor Swift song, but it always comes into my head when I’m feeling some pain and need extra motivation to keep going!”

Just as Sian is always looking forward to and training for her next race, she’s also got her eye on the future of ITSM and how she and 4me are always adapting, preparing, and leading the way. “Moving forward, ITSM will become more and more important in all industries,” Sian predicts. “Understanding the needs of customers and then applying that to ITSM-related finance is vital.”

We love having Sian on our team, and we’re grateful for all of her financial expertise and ITSM savvy. We’re not sure if we’ll be able to join her on an ultramarathon course anytime soon, but her next chocolate milk is definitely on us!  Thanks for taking the time to get to know her, and, as always, stay tuned for more 4me Employee Spotlights!

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