Team Member Spotlight: Authorship and Africa Travels with Wouter Wyns

Welcome to the first installment of 4me’s Team Member Spotlight series! Every month, we’ll be interviewing a member of the 4me team to learn more about their lives, interests, and passions. ITSM is, after all, about humans: User-friendly, efficient service management makes everyone’s lives easier and less stressful, and that’s 4me’s mission. So what better way to celebrate that than taking some time to get to know all the incredible humans here at our company?

This month, we sat down with Wouter Wyns, 4me’s Antwerp-based Service Management Architect and Support Lead.

4me Team Spotlight - Wouter Wyns

Wouter’s 4me Journey

Wouter has been with 4me for almost 7 years, and has seen the company grow from a small start-up to a groundbreaking, international ITSM provider.

“I had a feeling from the start that 4me was creating something quite atypical,” he says. “ITSM is a very saturated market, with many players doing the same thing. But 4me was approaching things very differently.” Intrigued, he signed up for the adventure.

These days, Wouter is still enjoying the 4me difference:

“At 4me, you feel backed up by the success of our product. It motivates me. Our development team resolves issues within a few weeks. That is very atypical, again. I enjoy that. You feel that you’re a part of a complete team, a big team that makes success happen for the customers.”

Picking Up the Quill Pen 

Wouter’s biggest news these days is his plan to take a sabbatical from 4me to write a full-length book about the 4me platform. He’ll be taking a few months off and crafting a work that describes how 4me is genuinely shifting the ITSM paradigm.

“I believe 4me deserves a book,” Wouter says. “We are special, and it’s important for people to know that. I want people to have one location where they can find all the information they need about the platform and how it works.”

But writing a book, Wouter adds, can be daunting. “I’ve never written a book, so this is all new,” he admits. “I initially had doubts that I would be able to do it. And I worried about whether the topic was valuable enough to write about.  But, over the last few months, I’ve already written a few chapters, and I’ve received a ton of positive feedback and encouragement.”

Wouter is delighted about the opportunity: “My ability to take a sabbatical for this project is another example of how 4me is unique.  I feel so happy with the culture here and the support I have.”

Looking Toward the Future

As he works on his book, Wouter has also been pondering what the future of ITSM will look like. He’s optimistic about the changes AI will bring, especially to 4me: “AI will ensure that requests provide the right information and go to the right people, without humans needing to spend extra time confirming info. And 4me will excel here. AI works only when it has a context, and 4me synthesizes all the data AI will need.” 

Wouter details how AI can revolutionize help desks and improve people’s jobs: “Help desk work will be replaced by knowledge management careers. People will gather and input the knowledge that AI needs to function. Doing that is a much more exciting job than traditional help desk work. You need better skills, people will be paid more, and the quality of service delivery will increase.  I feel very positively about what AI is doing in our world and how it will change ITSM.”

Travels and Playlists

Life isn’t all about ITSM for Wouter. He loves escaping to Africa, where he says he finds rest and happiness.  “The people and nature are extraordinary,” he tells us. “Put me in a remote part of Africa and I am a happy man.”

We asked Wouter a bit more about his working routine (and his soon-to-be writing routine). “I normally work without music,” he says. “I am very focused in the morning and like quiet, specifically so I can focus and get creative. In the afternoon my mind is a little more tired, and that is when the music comes in.”

What kind of music? “The genre really depends on my mood. When I am feeling content I will probably put on Miles Davis, some jazz music!”

Make sure to keep an eye on 4me’s LinkedIn page for the future announcement of Wouter’s book publication. And if you think you’d be a fit for our culture of innovation and energy, check out our Career page here!