Three New Metric Reports


The ‘Reports’ section of 4me’s Analytics console already offers organizations well over 300 standard reports that people can filter and group to meet their specific needs.  Now 3 deceptively simple-looking metric reports have been added with the following names:

  • Request Reassignment Count
  • Request Reopen Count
  • Task Rejection Count

These reports use the hidden counters of requests and change approval tasks.  When one of these new metric reports is opened, it only shows a number.

Request Reassignment Count report unfiltered and ungrouped

This number is not so useful.  Things start to become interesting, though, when the report is filtered and grouped.

Request Reassignment Count report filtered and grouped

When one of the data segments (e.g. a bar in a bar chart, or a slice in a pie chart) of the report is pressed, the report’s drilldown view opens.  This view has an extra column that shows the count for each item that is included in the data segment.

Drilldwon view from Request Reassignment Count report

Note that the Request Reassignment Count report includes only the requests which (hidden) Assignment count field is set to 2 or more.  The following blog posts provide more information about the Assignment count and the Reopen count fields: