Tier2Tickets – a New 4me Integration

Tier2Tickets logo

Computer trouble can be hard to understand for non-specialist users.  For this reason, most, if not all, computer repair and support technicians are familiar with the dreaded “it does not work” trouble ticket.  Tier2Technologies invented the Helpdesk Button to create automated and meaningful tickets, integrated with 4me.

The Helpdesk Button is a powerful service tool that improves end-user experience through a streamlined and automated way to submit a support ticket to 4me.  The software behind the button, Tier2Tickets, generates a self-diagnosing report with every ticket, including a time-lapsed slideshow of the users’ last 20 actions and real-time diagnostic data.  While this is happening, a small form appears, walking the user through ticket submission, asking for their name and the issue they are having.  This will help the end-user create a perfect trouble ticket and improve technicians’ efficiency in resolving the problem.

4me users and technicians in companies that have the Helpdesk buttons installed will enjoy a number of added benefits:

  • Self-diagnosing tickets: A pre-flagged report is complete with real-time network, software, hardware, and security data.
  • Submit tickets even when a device is offline: QR Code-enabled ticket submission directly to the 4me queue including 10 network diagnostic tests.
  • User trust factor: Identify users easily 
  • End-to-end encryption

Alex Permenter, CEO of Tier2Technologies: “From the first moment we looked at 4me, our entire development team was impressed with the forward-thinking tech and user-experience 4me offers.  4me and Tier2Tickets/Helpdesk Buttons are complementary service offerings, and we’re proud to offer this integration.  Together, we not only make it easy for clients to get help, but we also give 4me technicians unprecedented context and clarity on the end-user’s problem through our self-diagnosing report and suite of support tools, built to increase efficiency, security, and client satisfaction.”

In addition to the physical USB button, the software can also be triggered by a customizable hotkey or desktop icon.

Download the 4me Tier2Tickets datasheet for more information about this integration.