Time and Cost Tracking by Project

Horizontal Bar ChartThe following three reports have been added to help organizations keep track of the time they spend on each project, as well as the cost of this effort.

  • Cost of Time Spent by Project
  • Time Entries by Project
  • Time Spent by Project

Cost of Time Spent Report by Project

Clicking on the bar of one of the projects opens a view that lists all the time entries related to the tasks of that project.  That makes it easy to export these time entries.  By removing the filter Type is Project Task, the time entries that are related to the requests and problems that are linked to the projects are also included in the calculations for the report.

Pro Tip

Remember that it is possible to get all the time entries of all projects that are included in the report by clicking on the Actions button in the toolbar above the report and selecting the Actions menu option ‘Show Underlying Data‘.