The Time Spent Field Has Moved

Time EntryThe Time spent field has been moved to a position just above the Save button. The advantage of this new position is that people can review the information they have added to a request, problem or task, then enter a value in the Time spent field, and finally press the Save button.

Empty Time spent field

It ensures a more logical flow, because people tended to scroll up to the Time spent field after they had written something in the Note field and then they would scroll down again to press the Save button.

In addition, the Effort class field has been moved to the left so that it is closer to the Time spent field and thus easier to move the mouse cursor over it after the mouse was used to place the cursor in the Time spent field.

Time spent field with Effort class field

The Effort class field appears when a value has been entered in the Time spent field, provided that effort classes are defined for the organization of the person who filled out the Time spent field.