Time Spent Suggestions

Time Entry

Specialists in organizations that have time tracking enabled in 4me sometimes find it difficult to determine how long exactly they have worked on a specific request, task, project task, or problem. In many cases, they underestimate the time they spent on assignments, resulting in unbooked time at the end of the day. The Time spent fields in these records now include suggestions for the specialists.

Time entry suggestions

When the specialist selects the Time spent field to add time, several suggestions are now given by 4me. These suggestions are dynamically determined. At the moment, a subset of the following six possible suggestions can be given:

  • since last time entry: the elapsed time since the last time entry was created by the current person.
  • since in progress: the elapsed time since the current record was set to ‘In progress’.
  • since creation: the elapsed time since the new record form was opened.
  • since first accessing this record today: time spent since the first time the current user was (pre-)viewing/editing the record today.
  • unbooked since first activity today: time spent since the first activity the user did in the 4me platform on this day
  • remaining today: time still to be written today to fill up a complete workday.

The suggestions are always sorted from shortest to longest duration. The duration field itself is never auto-populated; not even when there is only a single suggestion available. If the timesheet settings do not allow workday- or week overtime, all suggestions that would breach those limits are hidden from the user.