Time Tracking Always On for Projects

ProjectSome support organizations prefer not to ask their specialists to keep track of the time they spent on individual assignments like requests, problems and change tasks.  They make sure that the option ‘Assignment time tracking’ in their timesheet settings remains switched off.

Timesheet settings for Allocation time tracking only

But when the people of these same organizations want to participate in projects, they should be asked to track the time they spent on their project tasks, as well as the remaining effort they still expect to have to spend on these tasks.  Without this information, project managers cannot effectively track the progress of their projects.

4me now makes it possible to ensure that organizations can contribute to projects without having to ask their people to fill out the Time spent field in requests, problems and change tasks.  From now on, the Time spent field and the Remaining effort field of project tasks are always available, regardless of the timesheet settings of the organization of the people who work on these project tasks.

Project task with Time spent and Remaining effort fields

Unless otherwise specified in the timesheet settings of an organization, its people will be able to register up to 24 hours per day in the Time spent field of their project tasks.

By always making the Time spent and Remaining effort fields available in project tasks, it becomes possible for all enterprise employees to participate in projects without affecting whether or not they need to track the time they spent on other types of assignments.  This should make it a little easier for enterprises to start making use of the project management functionality that 4me offers.