Timesheet Review and Locking

Time entryLast week the new Time Tracking functionality was announced and the basic features that allow employees to register their time were reviewed. What was not yet explained is how managers and their substitutes can review the time that the employees have spent.

In the Analytics console, the ‘Timesheets’ section has been added for this purpose. When managers and substitutes access this section, they can review the timesheets of the employees of their organization. They can change the selected month and year to see the timesheets for a different month. If the user is the manager or substitute of more than one organization, then one of these organizations can be selected so that its employee’s timesheets can be reviewed.


The option ‘Click the lock to prevent further changes’ allows the manager or substitute to lock all timesheets of the selected month for all employees of the organization. Before using this option, however, it is best to review the individual timesheets.

By clicking on a person, this person’s timesheet for the selected month is displayed.


The option ‘Click the lock to prevent further changes by this person for this month’ can be used to lock the employee’s timesheet for the entire month. Clicking on a specific date makes it possible to review each time entry of the person for that day.

It is also possible to review a whole week by clicking on the weekly total in the rightmost column of the timesheet. When a whole week is selected, all of the employee’s time entries are listed by weekday below the timesheet.


The option ‘Click the lock to prevent further changes by this person for this week’ is available to lock the whole week for the selected person. This is useful for managers who review the timesheets on a weekly basis.

After locking a week or month for a person, or after locking a month for all employees of the organization, it is no longer possible to make any changes for the locked dates. This makes it possible to close out a period before the invoices (or internal chargebacks) are prepared.