Timesheet Summaries

Time entryManagers and their substitutes can review the timesheets of the people who work in their organization. They can do this in the Analytics console. Now, when they select a timesheet of a specific employee for a certain month, they will notice something new: the timesheet summary.

Timesheet summary by allocation
By default, the summary is provided by allocation, but by clicking on the ‘Service’ option, the time spent is summarized by service.

Timesheet summary by service
Similarly, selecting the ‘Customer’ option summarizes the time spent of the selected employee by customer organization.

Timesheet summary by customer organiation
When a week is selected, the same summaries are available for the selected week. And when a specific date is selected, these summaries are offered for that day.

These summaries are important, because on any given day, some people will spend time on more than 20 requests, they may complete several tasks, and can be involved in a few projects. For managers to get a sense of what people have been working on takes too much time when they need to look at each individual time entry. This would be almost impossible when the review is performed for a whole month. The summaries make it possible for managers to quickly screen through the timesheets and to only go into detail when the summaries show something unexpected.