Toggle Notes Order


In 4me®, notes added to requests, tasks, or other records are always read from top to bottom.  Many requests have been registered to change this order, but, at the same time, many other people prefer the order of oldest first.  To facilitate users who had to scroll down often in records that accumulated many notes, Up-arrow and Down-arrow buttons were already introduced to immediately go to the start or end of the form.  Also, the possibility to collapse the ‘Notes‘ section was added to enable specialists to see all the important fields of a request while typing a note.

Now, a new usability feature is introduced that should make most users happy: the ability to sort the notes either oldest first or newest first.  For this, the Sort button is now available at the top-right of the ‘Notes’ section in all record types that can contain notes.

Notes reverse order icon

This new functionality is all the more powerful because since last week it is also possible to display the notes next to the important fields of the record.  This makes it always possible to add a new note, while the last written notes are visible on the screen, without having to scroll.

Notes reverse order