Track All KPIs on Dashboards

Line ChartAll graphs that were available in the ‘KPIs’ section of the Analytics console are now available in the ‘Reports’ section.  The advantages of having standard reports available for the KPIs are:

  • standard reports offer more filter options,
  • longer date ranges and different time intervals can be set for standard reports, and
  • multiple standard reports can be placed on a single dashboard.

The standard reports people asked for most are the backlog reports, such as the ‘Project Backlog’ report and the ‘Project Backlog Growth’ report.

Dashboard with Project Backlog and Project Backlog Growth reports

A total of 16 KPI reports have been added, including reports like:

  • Reopened Requests (which replaces the KPI ‘Rejected Solutions’)
  • Requests Declined by Us (which replaces the KPI ‘Declined Back to Us’)
  • Reopened Problems
  • Reopened Risks

Together this set of 16 new reports ensures that the ‘KPIs’ section of the Analytics console can be retired without any loss of functionality.  That is why the ‘KPIs’ section is no longer visible when users go to the Analytics console.