Track Completed Work over Time

Vertical bar chartThere were already quite a few reports that visualize a breakdown of completed work in a pie chart.  A typical example is the report ‘Completed Requests by Category’.

Completed Requests by Category as pie chart

But customers have asked for similar reports that would visualize this data over time.  That is why the following vertical bar charts have been added to the ‘Reports’ section of the Analytics console:

  • Closed Risks by Severity
  • Completed Changes by Category
  • Completed Changes by Impact
  • Completed Changes by Justification
  • Completed Changes by Type
  • Completed Projects by Category
  • Completed Projects by Justification
  • Completed Projects by Risk Level
  • Completed Requests by Category
  • Completed Requests by Impact
  • Finished Tasks by Category
  • Solved Problems by Category
  • Solved Problems by Impact

Even though the new reports have the same name as the pie charts, it is easy for users to tell the difference because of the report type icon that is presented next to the report’s name.  When they select the vertical bar chart version, the report looks like something like this:

Completed Requests by Category over time

Note that any report which name ended with “… Over Time” has been renamed by removing this suffix.  The vertical bar chart icon in front of the name of these reports helps people select the report type they are looking for.