Track COVID-19 Impact on Your Organization

DashboardHR departments of large organizations will want to keep track of the wellbeing of their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This information will help them to ensure that they are doing everything they can to provide support where it is needed most.  It will also keep senior management informed of the impact that the Coronavirus outbreak is having on the organization.

To get an overview of how everyone is doing, the HR department can quickly prepare a UI extension with some questions.  This UI extension can then be linked to a special request template that will be used to collect the answers.

4me request template for personal COVID-19 status update

Once the request template is ready, an email with the template’s Short URL can be sent to the employees asking them to submit their responses.  It may also help to post the QR code of the request template at the entrance of sites where employees are still coming in to work.

COVID-19 survey submission

A dashboard can then be prepared to summarize the results.  The secure dashboard sharing functionality, which prevents users from drilling down into individual requests, makes it possible to provide real-time insight into the results for others without causing privacy violations.

COVID-19 tracking dashboard

Another approach that organizations might consider would be to make separate request templates available for different Corona-related events.  These templates would allow people to register a request when they need to self-quarantine, when they have tested positive, when they need help for themselves or a family member, when one of their subordinates has been hospitalized, etc.

Organizations may not immediately think of using 4me this way, but HR departments may find this approach effective as they are working hard to guide their colleagues through these challenging times.  And since these capabilities are already available for current 4me customers, there are no extra charges to worry about.  The same is true when knowledge management is used to help HR departments manage all the questions about the Coronavirus (see Share COVID-19 Information Using Self Service).

The ideas of using knowledge articles and request templates to help organizations stay in control during the current crisis both originated with Jean-Marie Van Cutsem.  These ideas can benefit many people in the coming months, so we are grateful that he was happy to share them with all of us.