Track SLA Availability Over Time

Line Chart

A new report has been added to the ‘Reports’ section of the Analytics console.  The new report is called ‘SLA Availability’.  It offers a graphical representation of target and actual availability over time.  The data used to generate this report is the same as the data that can be found in the ‘SLA Reports‘ section of the Analytics console.

SLA Availability report with multiple outages

The main advantages of having this report are:

  • It offers a historical visualization of both the target and the actual availability
  • It can be placed on dashboards
  • It presents the average availability over the date range selected for the report

This last point is especially useful for service providers that commit to quarterly or annual availability targets, rather than monthly targets.  This this report allows them to keep track of the average availability without having to manually calculate it.

When the report is filtered on a specific SLA, the report shows the availability of one service instance for one specific customer.  When it is filtered on a service, up to 10 SLAs for the service are included in the report.  When there are more than 10 SLAs for the selected service, the report will show the 10 SLAs that had the most downtime.