Introducing Two-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)4me users are now able to activate 2-factor authentication to better protect their 4me access. To set up 2-factor authentication, users can go to ‘My Profile’. In Self Service, users can then follow the link ‘Set up two-factor authentication’. Specialists who are working in 4me’s full UI will find this link in the new ‘Access & Security’ section.

4me Access and Security
After pressing this link, the user is instructed to install an authentication app.
2-Factor Authentication Start Set Up in 4me
Once an authentication app is installed, the user can press the Set Up button. This sends an email to the user.
2-Factor Authentication email has been sent message
The email contains a hyperlink that the user can press to confirm that he/she is the one who requested the activation of 2-factor authentication. This link takes the user to a list of recovery codes.
2-Factor Authentication Recovery Codes
After the user has downloaded, printed or copied these codes, the Next button becomes available. Pressing this button causes a QR code to be generated, which can be scanned with user’s authentication app.
2-Factor Authentication - Scan the QR code
The 6-digit code that the authentication app offers can then be entered below the QR code. That allows the user to complete the activation of 2-factor authentication by pressing the Activate button.