Two More Change Calendar Enhancements

Change Calendar4me’s Change Calendar has been improved again. These enhancements were introduced specifically for organizations that implement hundreds of changes each week. When they open their Change Calendar without any filtering, the sheer number of planned implementations can be a little overwhelming. So, we made sure that the Change Calendar automatically tries to limit this to the most relevant information.Open the 4me Change Calendar from task

Now, when you open a change and subsequently use the Actions menu to open the Change Calendar, the filter of the Change Calendar is automatically set to the service that is related to the change. This reduces the number of tasks that are displayed in the change calendar, making it easier to spot possible conflicts for the change.
The same filter is applied when you open the Change Calendar from a task. But in addition to setting the filter to the service that is related to the task’s change, the task also gets highlighted with a blue background. This makes it easier to find the task in the Change Calendar.
ITRP Change Calendar with highlighted task
Keep in mind, however, that the task will only be visible in the Change Calendar when it is related to a service instance.