Three More Report Filters

FilterThe ‘Reports’ section of 4me’s Analytics console contains a large number of basic reports, such as ‘Open Requests by Service’. Most of these reports become interesting only after some filters have been applied.

Template filter option

Template Filter for Request Reports

To help improve the request fulfillment process, the request reports can now also be filtered by request template. Focusing on specific templates can, for example, draw attention to the fact some standard requests are worked on by more teams than just service desk.

Filter Request Reports by Target Indication

Target indication filter option - about dueThe request reports can now also be filtered by target indication. This makes it possible, for example, to run the report ‘Open Requests by Organization’ and to filter it so that it contains only the requests of the category ‘Incident’ that are ‘About Due’, ‘Due’, or ‘Overdue’.

Status Filter for Finished Tasks

Status filter for finished tasksBecause finished change tasks can have different status values, reports like the ‘Finished Tasks by Team’ and ‘Finished Tasks by Member’ can now be filtered by ‘Status’. This makes it easy, for example, to exclude ‘Canceled’ tasks from the report ‘Finished Tasks Completion Targets Met and Violated’.