Two More SLA Reporting Filters

Pie ChartTwo more filters have become available for filtering the SLA reports that are available in the ‘Reports’ section of the Analytics console.  The first makes it possible to limit the affected SLA records that are included in a report to those that are linked to a requester from a specific region.

SLA Response Targets Met and Violated report filtered by requester organization region

Specifically, the ‘Requester organization region’ filter looks at the region of the organization to which the person belonged at the time this person was selected in the Requested for field of a request for which an affected SLA record is visible in its ‘Affected SLAs’ section.

The second filter that was added is the ‘Best effort resolution target’ filter.  This filter makes it possible to ignore the affected SLA records that do not have a resolution target, i.e. which resolution target is ‘Best Effort’.

Average Time to SLA Resolution report excluding affected SLAs with Best Effort target