UI Extension Status Check Function

UI Extension

To be able to interact with the Status fields of requests, problems, tasks and project tasks from the Javascript of a UI extension, the following functions have been made available for account designers and account administrators:

Val – get or set the value of a field
On – attach an event handler to a field
Off – remove an event handler from a field
Trigger – manually trigger an event

With these functions, that are described in detail in the 4me Developer documentation, it is possible to test the status of a request, problem, task or project task in a UI Extension and perform an action.

As an example, imagine having defined a workflow for a desktop replacement. In the first task, a specialist must select an available laptop, with the status “In Stock”. A custom view, to be used in a UI extension, can be defined with every laptop filtered on the status “In Stock”. The HTML code might look as follows:

<div class="row vertical">

  <label for="laptop" title="Laptop">Laptop</label>

  <div id="laptop" data-custom-view="laptop_in_stock"></div>


When this UI extension is linked to a task template, it is now possible to ensure that the specialist selects a laptop from the suggest list. The following script can now check the status of the task and make this field required:

var $laptop = $extension.find('#laptop');

ITRP.field('status').on('change', function() {

  var status = ITRP.field('status').val();

  $laptop.required(status === "completed");