UI Integrations

LinkFor those of you who were not aware of this already, it is possible to add hyperlinks (i.e. custom links) to the Actions menu. Account administrators can do this in the ‘Custom Links’ section of the Settings menu. Support specialists can then access these custom links by clicking on the Actions toolbar button.

Custom link in Actions menuThis feature has just been extended. It is now possible to add parameters to these links. These parameters dynamically add field values from Person and CI records to custom links.

For example, the person.primary_email parameter can be included in an Actions menu link. When a support specialist has a Person record selected and clicks on this link, the value in the Primary email field of this Person record gets inserted in the URL.

Actions menu link configuration
Better still, when a specialist is working on a request, the primary email address of the person who is selected in the Requested by field of the request is included when this custom link is used. This works regardless of whether the request has already been saved or not.

And when a specialist has opened a configuration item, then the primary email address of the first user automatically becomes part of the link.

Parameters are also available for CIs. These can be used, for example, to open a new browser tab in which a system management application shows the current technical details of the selected CI. If this is done from a request, problem or task, the parameter will be replaced with the corresponding field value of the first CI that is related to it.

Just think of the possibilities of integrating 4me with your organization’s discovery tools, chat application, remote takeover software, automated password reset functions, etc.