Underpinning SLAs in SLA Reports

SLAThe ‘Underpinning SLAs’ section has been added to the SLA reports that 4me generates. This new section can be really useful when investigating SLA violations. It shows the service level agreements that are in place to help deliver the service.

If any of the targets of an underpinning SLA have not been met, a red dot is presented in front of it. This makes it possible to see, at a glance, whether the service levels of the enabling services are within target.
ITRP SLA report with underpinning SLAs
To make it possible to digest this information as quickly as possible, the icon of the related service is displayed in front of the name of each SLA.
When you click on one of the underpinning SLAs, its SLA report opens in a separate browser tab. From there, the investigation can proceed by opening the requests that affected this SLA, or by reviewing its underpinning SLAs.