Ungroup on Reopen

Request groupWhen requests are grouped together they are linked to a request group. This makes it easy for specialists, because they only need to update the request group. Any updates in the request group are automatically passed to the requests that are linked to the group.

So when a request group is completed, all the requests that are part of the group are also completed. At that point all the requesters receive a notification that encourages them to provide feedback.

Thumbs-up and thumbs-down icons in 4me Self Service

In the past, when a requester pressed the thumbs-down icon in a grouped request and then used the Reopen button, the entire group would be reopened. Now, when a grouped requests is reopened by its requester, it is first ungrouped, after which its status is set back to ‘Assigned’.

Reopening a completed grouped request in 4me Self Service

This ensures that only the requester’s request is reopened, instead of the request group with all of its grouped requests.