Update Phase of Tasks and Project Tasks


Since last week it is possible to dynamically add tasks to a workflow.  This can be done with the help of automation rules.  This functionality has now been expanded somewhat.  It is now also possible to determine the phase of the workflow to which a task should belong, and the phase of a project to which a project task should belong.

For a workflow, phases can be created by a workflow manager from the Gantt chart of the workflow or the workflow template.  The use of phases is useful to get a good overview of the progress of a workflow or of a project.

In the example below, a workflow phase has been created in which canceled tasks are to be placed.  An automation rule is created for a task that moves it to the ‘Canceled Tasks’ phase as soon as it is canceled.  This approach can lead to a much better overview of the workflow, especially in the workflow management of an organization that often involves tasks that are subsequently canceled.

Automation rule update phase of task
Task moved to another phase workflow

The Phase_name field is not only available for tasks, but also for project task records in automation rules.