Update the Requester of a Request

RequestAfter a request has been saved for the first time, it was no longer possible to select a different person in the Requested by or the Requested for fields. That was intentional, because the person who originally submitted the request should not change over time.

Yet there are some relatively exceptional cases where it could be helpful to be able to update the requester. For example:

  1. A request was submitted via email for someone else. After the 4me Mail API has generated a request for this email, a service desk analyst may review its information and notice that it was submitted on behalf of someone else. At this point, it would be nice if this other person could be selected in the Requested for field.
  2. A requester has left the organization and this person’s replacement should be kept informed about the progress of the request. Here it would be nice if the Requested by field could be updated to ensure that, when the status of the request is set to ‘Waiting for Customer’ or ‘Completed’, the replacement is automatically informed.

To make this possible, the Service Desk Analyst role has now been given the ability to update the Requested by and Requested for fields.

Request in Edit mode with Requested by and for fields

This ability is limited, however, to the requests that are registered in the account of the Service Desk Analyst role. The result is that when a request is passed from an enterprise organization to one of its external providers, only the service desk analysts of the enterprise are able to update the requester of the request.