Updates to the Settings Console


Several updates have been made to the Settings console. These are aimed at making it easier to navigate the ever-growing number of settings, overviews, and design options that can be accessed from there. Next to that, new functionality was added.

The most noticeable change is that the Settings console now has its own homepage. This page presents all the options of the Settings console in logical groups.

Setting menu grouping

It is accessible at any time by selecting the Settings console button from the vertical menu bar.

Now that the options of the Settings console are organized logically in the settings overview, the order of the options of this console could also be updated to provide an improved, secondary method of navigation. The left navigation menu is therefore now ordered alphabetically.

If the user who is logged in happens to be one of the persons with an Account Administrator role in that account, the Settings console homepage also presents all active broadcasts that are directly addressed to them. Such broadcasts can only be created by the 4me Service Desk.

Broadcast admin

If an account administrator has taken the appropriate actions related to such a broadcast, that broadcast can then be dismissed by pressing the X at the top right of it.

Dismiss broadcast

At the top right of the page, a banner shows how many of 4me’s capabilities are used by the account, with a link to the new ‘Capability Usage’ section. This new section is described elsewhere in this 4me Development Update.

Capabilities banner