Updating UI Extensions in Self Service

UI ExtensionYou can create a custom form for your end users by adding a UI extension. In Self Service, end users can then fill out these forms to ensure that the support specialists have all the information they need to complete the request.

To ensure that an end user does not change the information in the UI extensions after a request has been submitted, it was not possible for end users to update a UI extension. Sometimes, however, it is important that a requester can be asked to adjust the information, for example when it is incorrect or incomplete.

In such cases, a support specialist can now set the status of the request to ‘Waiting for Customer’. As always, this will send a notification to the requester. From now on, though, this also allows the requester to update the values of the UI extension fields.

No configuration items selected
After the requester has updated the UI extension, a note needs to be added to inform the support specialist what has changed, after which the update can be submitted by pressing the Save button.