Urgent and Major Incident Icons in Records Console

Major Incident

The request views in the Records console now display the urgent icon for urgent requests in the first column.  Similarly, the major incident icon now gets displayed in this column for requests that have been marked as a major incident.

Requests view with urgent and major incident icons

It may be good to know that when a request has been marked as urgent and is also considered a major incident, the major incident icon gets displayed instead of the urgent icon.  That is because a major incident is considered even more important than an urgent request.

These icons were already visible in the Inbox console, but having them presented in the request views of the Records console makes it easier to find the ones with the highest priority there as well.  Similar to the request views, the views for problems and tasks in the Records console will present the urgent icon in their first column if an assignment is marked as urgent.

Project tasks view with urgent icon