Use Automation Rules to Correct Capitalization

AutomationThe Automation Rules functionality now offers two more functions for the manipulation of text strings.  These the two functions were specifically added to complement the upcase and downcase functions that were already available.  The upcase function replaces each lowercase character in a text string with its equivalent capital character.  Similarly, the downcase function replaces the capital characters with their equivalent lowercase characters.

The two new functions are:

  • capitalize – Downcases a text string and then capitalizes only its first character.
  • titleize – Downcases a text string and then capitalizes the first character of each word in the string.

Automation rule expressions with capitalize and titleize

A ‘word’ is defined here as a part of the string that has a word boundary at its start and end.  A word boundary is obviously found at the very start and the very end of the string, and it is also a space character, the @ symbol, a full stop, etc.

The new titleize  function will be especially useful for providing consistency in the way the names of people are registered.  This function can be included in the SCIM User Automation Rules.