Use Email to Add Notes

EmailWhen you receive an automated email notification from 4me, for example because a request has been registered for you, you can reply to this email. Your reply then gets added to the request as a new note. You can also send an email to 4me that is not a reply to an automated notification. As long as the email has the request ID in its subject, 4me’s Mail API ensures that the body of the email gets added as a new note to the request. If the email includes any attachments, they get added to the note as well.

This capability has now been extended beyond requests. So when you send a new email to 4me, you can include the ID (i.e. the record number) of a problem, release, change, change task, project or project task in the subject of the email. When 4me’s Mail API processes this email, it looks up the record to which the note needs to be added by first going through all requests that the sender is allowed to update and that are either still open or were completed within the past 28 days. If the number in the subject does not match, the Mail API continues by looking through the problems that the sender can update and that were not already solved more than 28 days ago. If there are no matches for problems, it continues with the releases, etc.
When there are multiple numbers in the subject, the Mail API starts with the first number. If it does not find any matches, it continues with the next number in the subject, etc. If no matches are found, the Mail API opens a new request using the information from the email.
The details about the rules that the Mail API follows can be found in the 4me Developer documentation.