Use Forward Button to Update Team


The Forward button in the 4me toolbar has always made it easy for people to pass a request, problem or task to a different member of their team.  Now this button can also be used to pass such assignments to a different team.

Using this new feature is easy.  When a specialist selects, for example, a request in the Inbox console and then presses the Forward button, the dialog window that pops up now includes the Team field.

Forward popup with Team field

By default the team to which the request is currently assigned is selected so that it is still just as easy to pass the request to a different member of this team.  To ensure that people do not accidentally forward requests to a team that has no responsibility for it, only the teams that have a support responsibility are suggested.

Forward popup with responsible teams suggested

After a different team has been selected, it is possible to select one of the members of this team.  In most cases, though, the new team will probably want to decide who is going to work on the assignment, so the Member field is optional.